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Foreword :

The story of the First Buddha and the village Namo Buddha situated in the valley of Kathmandu in Népal.


According to the old history of 6000 years, prince (Mahasatwo/Ngingdui Tshenpo), founds at the top of the hill, overlooking the jungle, he discovers a tigress lying near to the rock. Very quickly, he realizes that she is going to die. Her 5 babies still sucking and saws, the survivals of babies depend on their mother. Mahasatwo, decides to give his life to the tigress in a bust of love and compassion. So Prince Mahasatwo cut his body to present his warm blood in the mouth of the mother tiger,  and the taste of blood give the appetite to her. Finally tigress accepts the sacrifice from prince and she lefts only the bones.

The bones of prince were brought back in the village and buried in the tomb which is actual stupa of Namo Buddha.

Some about 3500 years later,  the Gautam Buddha came in the village of Sange da Fyafulsa, he has done 3 tour around the Stupa before to declare that he was the reincarnation of prince Mahasatwo. It was the moment that Gautam Buddha renamed this village which  is henceforth the name of Namo Buddha which means Hommage to Buddha.

At that time there was 3 highly kingdom sacred in the kingdom of Nepal:

Namo Buddha , Swoyambhu Nath and Boudha Nath.

In those place the King of Nepal himself had no powers.


Since 14 generations, the family Lama, chiefs spirituals who is called Nagpa lama (lama born from father to son for having possibility to marry) had take care of the place sacred which is now Namo Buddha and they assumed the charge of all spiritual ceremonies  of 800 families around the village. It's noted that all the inhabitants of Namo Buddha are following the same families (ethnic Tamang) and certain Chorten «small tomb» housing the rest of ancestors of the family Lama. (for more please check pdf section)

Sonam Gyalpo, the current high lama gives his approval for the projects exposed here. If in the future, other ideas concerning to the village, their realization would of course be subject to the approval of the Grand Lama.

The aim of Namo Buddha Association is to honor the place sacred by make known like the wealth of his history and the culture deserving. Association also wishes to continue what Prince Mahasatwo wanted to pass messege by  sacrificing his own life to help animals in distress. For that association propose to keep inform and create awareness by the Nepali's population about the species in critical danger, and we need your help to support our actions, so please join and become member of  the Namo-Buddha Association 

It is urgent to realize that the lives that are taken for the money, nothing can replace them once the last one shot. So Stop Traffic with innocent animals who are allready in great danger of extinction !

The gouvernements and citizens have to protect  Nature and  Wild life of his country as own baby !

Your support will help  our projects, by your membership you will be the actors and their advanced engines.

We want to go more and more in action to continue our project of compassion for life on earth. So if you understand and believe in our actions pleace donate ! Now more than 100.000 visitors but no donations ? With 1 Euro donations each it wouldt have be enough to support many big actions all year long !


Good help for us, add a link from your website to so that more people can support our projects in Nepal for more sensibility and information about  the species in danger and the history of Namo Buddha.

For any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us by email.

Thank you/Lhasso

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