1): Inform Nepaly's Population and Gouvernement about Tigers and others Endangered Wildlife of Nepal.


Endangered animals such as  tiger, elephant, rhinoceros, red panda, gargial crocodile, ganga dolphin, snow leopard.... need our attention !

Our duty is to inform and create awareness among the local community and inform them about the endangered situation of the Nepali Wild Life and Nature.

The aim of the Namo-Buddha Association is egality of rights for all living beings.

Our duty is to préserve life on earth.




2): Preserve and Honor Namo Buddha's History by taking care of the endangered nature and wild life in the Present.


With your help we want to devellop an information program about the World Life Situation  for middle and high schools of Nepal.


In December 2014 : we have only 900 Euro on our account and we need a 10.000 more to develop a serious school program with video support.

We need financial help and volonteers to broadcast informations at schools all around Nepal.


Namo Buddha Association

Head Office : Rue des vallasses 04240 Annot   FRANCE.

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